Cyient : Heralding Digital Transformation In Aviation Manufacturing

CEO, Krishna Bodanapu, Cyient CEO, Krishna Bodanapu
Every airline and airport today has massive amounts of operational, situational and passenger data. This data offers powerful opportunities to our industry, because we can extract value from it and share that data to drive operational efficiencies. Digital transformation has the potential to revolutionize the way our teams operate today. It can deliver the information that airlines and airports need, while enabling sharing to implement collaboration concepts like Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and Total Airport Management (TAM).

Aerospace and Defense (A&D) OEMs are under constant pressure to innovate, adapt, and overcome industry challenges. The need to reduce component size, weight, cost, and time-to-market without compromising safety and security is a significant challenge for suppliers.
These critical requirements, combined with the increased demand for digital transformation and expanding customer expectations, have placed immense pressure on suppliers to optimize business operations and processes.
Imaginatively applying technology to solve these troubling issues in the aviation industry, and other arenas as well, is a leader in innovative engineering and manufacturing solutions—Cyient.

Cyient takes pride in partnering with the world’s leading A&D companies to deliver value-driven and outcome-based engineering solutions. The company undertakes design and system-level ownership of complex components, sub-systems, and modules to allow customers to sustain a competitive advantage.
Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company that engages with customers across their
value chain helping to design, build, operate, and maintain the products and services that make them leaders and respected brands in their industries and markets. Customers draw on Cyient’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology to deliver and support their next-generation solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

Helping Organizations Cope with Disruptions

As the impact of the coronavirus is fluid and ever changing, so are the needs of the A&D Industry as it braces for the fallout and rebuilds in the aftermath.
Cyient is acutely aware that our customers are under constant pressure to innovate, adapt and overcome industry challenges and are now facing an unprecedented shift in our markets. Facing these challenges will require thinking differently about the market, which may include the creation of new business models, changes in the supply chain, digitalization and cost-optimization exercises.

Cyient works with its customers to combine cost savings and digitalization by using data analytics to deliver Factory-of-the-Future capabilities providing immediate global connectivity between locations that are dealing with shutdowns, production delays, supply-chain disruptions, or staff shortages. Cyient recognizes that a part of the rebuilding process is rethinking business models, and the organization helps its customers through uncertain times using risk-sharing initiatives. Cyient worked with an engine OEM through a War on Cost initiative and were able to achieve over $75 million in savings over six years for the customer by executing all tasks at Cyient’s expense in exchange for a percentage of cost savings as new engines were manufactured. This effectively allowed the customer to use cash assets for other purposes, such as day-to-day operations. Cyient stands ready to be any client’s global engineering and technology solutions partner now, during this time of recovery and regrowth, and in the future.

Efficient and Scalable Manufacturing Solutions

Design-led manufacturing (DLM) with technology as the enabler, is transforming the A&D value chain from delivering discrete service offerings to delivering full systems build and integration. A&D OEMs are looking for partners who can provide cost-effective manufacturing solutions with agility and scalability. Cyient offers full-scale electronic and mechanical aerospace manufacturing engineering solutions—from conceptualization to design and maintenance. The organization partners with companies to provide complete product life cycle solutions with complete commitment to quality. Cyient’s DLM expertise spans, but is not limited to, electronics manufacturing, wire cable harness, PCB assembly, in-circuit testing, aerospace CNC machining, precision tooling, vibration testing, and first article inspection.

Cyient’s integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities combined with expertise in co-developing solutions customized to the A&D industry have enabled the company to deliver cutting edge solutions to its customers. Cyient’s portfolio covers the designing, building, and maintaining phases of the product life cycle to provide OEMs with a single source for optimizing aerospace parts manufacturing processes.
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The organization’s electronic manufacturing
facility is among the first to earn the AS9100 aerospace certification and the first in India to obtain the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) certification for Circuit Card Assembly (CCA).

Cyient has the experience and expertise to handle high and low volume opportunities while optimizing speed, quality, and cost to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers. Cyient’s expertise in advanced aerospace parts manufacturing and material alternatives for product optimization provide a differentiated value proposition to the aerospace and defense segment in avionics, mechanical systems, and aftermarket solutions.

IntelliCyient Accelerating Digital Transformation

In order to accelerate digital transformation in the aviation industries and landscapes across various other sectors, Cyient has innovated the IntelliCyient solution. The most successful Industry 4.0 solutions are the ones that bring domain knowledge, depth of technological expertise, engineering excellence, and in-depth understanding of business operations. It is such a spot that IntelliCyient brings in non-linear value to organizations. IntelliCyient is a suite of six Digital Solutions that will accelerate digital transformation with Industry 4.0 technologies for industries that draw significant value from their assets such as manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, utilities, mining, and natural resources. Cyient’s experience of over three decades in the engineering, geospatial, data, and technology space across the design, build, operate, and maintain value chain places IntelliCyient in a unique position to enable a resilient future for enterprises.

IntelliCyient is also invaluable in developing digital solutions in the after-market services space to support maintenance and asset management processes. MROs and aviation OEMs can use Cyient’s digital transformation solution to drastically improve revenue and broaden profit margins, while accelerating workflows and reducing workload on employees. Recently, Cyient announced that it has agreed to acquire WorkForce Delta, a leading consulting firm in mobile workforce management. The acquisition will bolster the IntelliCyient portfolio by expanding its front-end consulting capabilities for digital mobile workforce management solutions.
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Hyderabad, India

CEO, Krishna Bodanapu

Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) is a leading global engineering, manufacturing and digital technology solutions company. We are a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide. We enable our customers across industries to apply technologies imaginatively to solve problems that matter and stay ahead of the curve. We are committed to designing tomorrow together with our stakeholders and being a culturally inclusive, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable organization

"We have and will continue to make significant investments in key growth areas such as digital technologies and embedded software"

- CEO, Krishna Bodanapu